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Yacco CONTACT CLEANER is a contact cleaner,  protects and insulates electrical equipment (circuits, contacts, batteries, etc.). It eliminates all residues that degrade electrical contacts.


Properties and advantages

Yacco CONTACT CLEANER  offers a strong water-repellent effect: very quickly removes traces of water and humidity. It provides excellent anti-corrosive protection (parts of nautical equipment, batteries corroded by acid, etc.).

Yacco CONTACT CLEANER provides strong penetration: allows you to reach every nook and cranny, it removes and loosens solid impurities.

For ignition problems in wet weather, Yacco CONTACT CLEANER  is effective for both preventive and curative use. It also offers ideal protection in the marine atmosphere.


Precautions for use

Do not use Yacco CONTACT CLEANER in a live cabinet and do not spray on hot parts.


500ml aerosol

YACCO Contact Cleaner Aerosol 500ml

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