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Yaccoline DEGRIPPANT 6 IN 1 is a multifunction penetrating oil: it loosens, lubricates, displaces moisture, provides anti-corrosion protection, deposits a protective film and removes tar.

It is recommended for de-seizing and lubrication operations in general and in particular when the equipment is subjected to long periods of immobilization or to a corrosive atmosphere (seaside, marine uses, etc.).


Yaccoline DEGRIPPANT 6 IN 1  is suitable for many fields of application: automotive, utility, transport, agriculture, public works, water sports, motorcycles, industry, etc.


Properties and advantages

Yaccoline DEGRIPPANT 6 IN 1 has an anti-seizing power tested according to the requirements of the specifications of the French Navy, hence its very high efficiency. It also has a migrating power to facilitate release and provide deep lubrication.

Yaccoline DEGRIPPANT 6 IN 1 offers great protection of parts against rust, especially in a humid atmosphere. Its numerous additives, associated with specific solvents and lubricating bases, allow a particularly effective curative action on seized mechanical parts.


Yaccoline DEGRIPPANT 6 IN 1 has a tar-removing action allowing to dissolve tar and asphalt on the sills, truck chassis, dumpsters (On fragile surfaces and specific paints, carry out a test beforehand).


500ml aerosol.


YACCO Penetrant 6 in 1 Aerosol 500ml

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