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Yacco GREASE MULTIP EP 2  is an extreme pressure grease, classified 2 by the NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute). Elle  can be used for all ball or roller bearings, plain bearings, joints, seals, general greasing. It is particularly recommended under heavy loads, at high temperatures and in particular in applications subject to shocks, vibrations, etc.


Yacco GREASE MULTIP EP 2  can be used in many areas of use: transport, public works, agriculture, all-terrain vehicles, etc.


400 gram cartridge.


Yacco GREASE MULTIP EP 2 offers excellent extreme pressure quality and high resistance to temperature and flow.


Yacco GREASE MULTIP EP 2  also offers lubrication safety and equipment longevity, high lubricating power thanks to a high melting point thickener and enhanced protection against oxidation.


Yacco GREASE MULTIP EP 2  can be used between -20° and 180°C.

YACCO Grease MULTIP EP 2 Cartridge of 400 Grams

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